KickStart Alliance announces the launch of its new “Advisory Board Resource Center“. Here, we expand upon the best practices contained in the original Customer Advisory Board Resource Center that was first introduced in 2013. This new website includes lots of new content, advice, and reference materials.

The growth of Advisory Boards

The adoption of both Customer Advisory Boards (CAB) and Partner Advisory Boards (PAB) is accelerating. What once was considered engagement models for only the largest enterprise companies are now being applied by innovative companies of all sizes. These strategic programs are key in helping companies:

  • Stay in sync with the market
  • Discover new revenue streams
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Outpace your competition

Expanded content

In addition to the expansion of CAB content, you will now find Partner Advisory Board materials. While PABs are very different from CABs in their execution, the methodology used to develop the engagement strategy is very similar. These are complementary strategic assets. As such, we’ve organized the new Resource Center into four areas so the materials are easier to find.

Customer Advisory Boards

Partner Advisory Boards

A resource for Advisory Board managers

CAB managers, partner managers, and executive sponsors will find these materials invaluable, especially those looking to execute their first CAB or PAB program. However, the “advanced technique” section will challenge seasoned CAB managers, too. First-time CAB managers will also find the Live Online CAB Masterclass a great resource. Enrollment is now open for dates in early 2020. This CAB Masterclass gives you a “CAB in a box” — advice and guidance on everything to make your first CAB meeting successful.

Come in. Peruse the articles and videos. Check out the CAB Masterclass. There’s a lot here.

And, be sure to subscribe. New content is coming soon in 2020!

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With a specialty in advisory boards, Mike Gospe is a professional facilitator with vast experience. He’s helped some of today’s most innovative B2B companies deliver world-class CAB & PAB meetings. He leads KickStart Alliance‘s Advisory Board practice.