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Integrated Business Planning Services

Is your leadership team aligned for success?

Alignment is elusiveIn fact, many executive leaders complain they waste too much time in unproductive planning meetings – meetings without clear guidance, objectives, agendas, and expectations.  Poorly run meetings create the illusion of internal alignment. This introduces unnecessary risk that cripples your ability to accelerate growth.

We can help.

Business planning made easy.

We are expert facilitators skilled in taking the risk out of the planning process. Through our interactive, customized methodology we navigate your path to achieving revenue growth, operational excellence, and cost containment.

We drive action-oriented outcomes: 

A tangible vision of your company’s future rooted in providing relevant value to your customers and the industry

A mission that makes your vision immediately operational

A corporate strategy that defines meaningful guiding principles for the team to use when making investment decisions

A product portfolio strategy that ensures product roadmaps are integrated, aligned, and prioritized

A go-to-market strategy that challenges your team to maintain market focus while achieving accelerated growth

A cadence of touch-points to maintain momentum as you execute your plan

KickStart Alliance is your strategy planning advisor.


  • Our methodology helps CEOs of enterprises companies and start-ups drive alignment and growth.
  • We understand internal politics and detangle internal communications, as well as roles and responsibility issues.
  • Each of our executive facilitators brings more than 30 years of C-suite “in the trenches” operational leadership in marketing, sales, customer success, and product management.

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Learn how to integrate your Customer Advisory Board into your annual planning process.

Mike Gospe leads KickStart’s Integrated Business Planning Services.