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KickStart Alliance is a B2B leadership and operational consulting team. We are strategists with deep expertise who know how to scale and optimize your business. Whether you need top-calibre expertise to drive an initiative, or assistance for an interim assignment, let’s talk. We provide a variety of consulting services, coaching, workshops, books and online courses to take your business to the next level of excellence.

Why Choose KickStart Alliance

WIN in more markets

WIN in more markets

Design clever and compelling marketing strategies, improve product positioning, and drive conversion rates.

FOCUS your sales team

FOCUS your sales team

Optimize your sales team by building a sales organization that maximizes revenue and is poised for growth.

STRENGTHEN Customer and Partner Relationships

STRENGTHEN Customer and Partner Relationships

Stay relevant via customer advisory boards, partner advisory boards, and executive roundtables.

Our Services

Marketing Excellence

Marketing Excellence

Strategy. Planning. Execution. We help you build the best marketing campaigns and bring them to life.

Sales Leadership

Sales Leadership

Go for gold! Let us help you improve the effectiveness of your sales team.

Advisory Boards and Facilitation

B2B Advisory Boards and Facilitation

Advisory Boards and Executive Roundtables bring you closer to your customers and partners.

Coaching and Business Acceleration

Coaching and Business Acceleration

Get inspired to perform at your best with our 1:1 and team coaching services.


Sales & Marketing Ops

Campaigns. Analytics. Automation. We can tune your ops machine for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Sales Leadership

Customer Success

Create customers for life. Customer enablement strategies, programs, and content.

Popular Articles

Create Confidence in a World of Uncertainty

You know that moment on a roller coaster? You are clicking up the enormous starting hill. The view spreads out below. As the car tips into the drop, you are flooded with excitement and terror. This is the feeling of uncertainty; that unique combination of anticipation...

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Integrated marketing in action

The marketing guide book, Marketing Campaign Development, is about integrated marketing. Celebrating 10 years since its publishing, author Mike Gospe met up with David Diederichs. David was our first international reader in 2008. David shares his story.

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Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Rally with your cross-functional team to develop a carefully integrated marketing plan & program blueprints.

Positioning Messaging

Positioning & Messaging

Articulate your competitive differentiation! Build a positioning statement and create your best elevator pitch in this fast-paced, fun workshop.


5 Disciplines of Innovation

Get inspired! This fun and creative workshop is for any company that wants to create a culture of innovation.

Ready 2 Scale

Ready 2 Scale

Learn the ecosystem and culture of Silicon Valley and how to apply it to scale your business at home or launch in the US.


New book hot off the press!

Built for GlobalNavigating international business and entering new markets

by Janet Gregory and Robert Pearlstein

Entering into new markets carries many risks—and many rewards. To reap the benefits of such a move, you need strategies and tactics that make international business successful. This insightful and empowering guide offers unique tips and experience-based information to ensure sales success. You will learn how to avoid common obstacles and capitalize on opportunities in new markets with proven approaches that have helped many companies thrive both within and outside the US. Whether you’re starting or expanding a business, Built for Global will help expand on the global stage.

The Marketing High Ground by Mike Gospe

The Marketing High Ground

J. Michael Gospe, Jr.

Learn how to master personas, positioning statements, and customer-ready messaging. Templates & techniques described.

Customer Advisory Boards: Is Your Company Ready?

CAB: Is Your Company Ready?

J. Michael Gospe, Jr.

This guidebook for executives defines a criteria for knowing if and when a CAB is right for your business.

How to execute a world-class customer advisory board meeting.

How to execute a world-class CAB meeting.

J. Michael Gospe, Jr.

Written for first time CAB managers, Volume 2 is your CAB operations manual.

Marketing Campaign Development by Mike Gospe

Marketing Campaign Development

J. Michael Gospe, Jr.

The guidebook on how to build a world-class integrated marketing campaign. Includes access to templates & techniques.

Online Courses

Marketing personas
Product positioning
Social Media Marketing Demystified

Product Management & Marketing: Personas

10 steps to building better personas – even if you don’t have a market research budget. Includes templates, examples, and practical guidance. Course overview.

Product Management & Marketing: Positioning

Why is your product better than alternatives? Use the “positioning statement” tool to focus your strategy. Includes templates, examples, and exercises. Course overview.

Learn how to build your best elevator pitch!

Discover the “message box” and how to use it to create a compelling story and customer-ready messaging. Includes templates, examples, and exercises. Course overview.

Create an effective social media marketing plan.

Learn about popular social media platforms and how to incorporate them into your marketing mix. Created by KickStart Alliance and Spice CatalystCourse overview.