Onboarding Matters

New book by Donna Weber: What serious CS leaders need to know about customer onboarding in today’s business climate

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Whoever understands the customer best wins!

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How well do you know your best customers?

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We guide companies to increase customer lifetime value

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Design your best Customer Success Strategy

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We are strategists who know how to connect leadership teams with their best customers and partners.


Through Advisory Board programs, customer onboarding engagements, and executive-level interviewing projects, we bring people together to learn from each other so you can make the best business decisions possible.



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Onboarding Matters

Available Now! Onboarding Matters -- a new book by Donna Weber

Onboarding Matters shows you it’s not just about getting new customers. It’s about keeping the ones you already have. This is the new “essential playbook” for CS leaders.

Why you need a Customer Advisory Board now!

Top 50 Customer Success Influencer for 2021!

Donna Weber named one of 2021’s Top Influencers of Customer Success. Join her on LinkedIn.
Mastering Customer & Partner Interviews

New: Mastering Customer & Partner Interviews

KickStart Alliance launches our latest marketing best-practices online course. Learn all of our secrets to interviewing customers and partners.
Voice of the Customer

Registration for the 2021 CAB Masterclass is now closed

For the 4th year in a row, Mike Gospe shared his CAB secrets in his CAB Masterclass. Contact us to schedule a private class for your organization.

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