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We are strategists who know how to connect leadership teams with their best customers and partners.


Through Advisory Board programs, customer onboarding engagements, and executive-level interviewing projects, we bring people together to learn from each other so you can make the best business decisions possible.



News & Events

CAB Best Practices panel discussion

Watch the recording of our live discussion on CAB Best Practices hosted by Success Coaching on February 17.  There is also a great write-up with key take-aways.

Why you need a Customer Advisory Board now!

Top 50 Customer Success Influencer for 2021!

Donna Weber named one of 2021’s Top Influencers of Customer Success. Join her on LinkedIn.

Mastering Customer & Partner Interviews

New: Mastering Customer & Partner Interviews

KickStart Alliance launches our latest marketing best-practices online course. Learn all of our secrets to interviewing customers and partners.

Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer Modeling -- a peer discussion (3/3/21)

Mike Gospe facilitates a discussion on VOC best practices with CX experts. Some questions we tackle: Does VOC = NPS? What does the model look like? Who are the stakeholders? How do we close the loop? And more!

Blog Highlights

Even Tiger Woods has a coach

Even Tiger Woods has a coach

There’s a good chance your CEO has a business coach. But what about you? Here are a few examples of how buisness coaches and mentors have helped VPs and the next generation of marketing, sales, and customer success leaders to unlock their full potential.

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