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Deliver a world-class Customer Advisory Board experience 

Energize partners with a Partner Advisory Board

Design your best Customer Success Strategy

Create Customer Onboarding strategies 

Interview customers & conduct a Churn Analysis

Design & fine-tune your Salesforce instance


We are strategists who know how to run cross-functional customer initiatives. Prior to forming KickStart, we held leadership positions in marketing, sales, and customer success.


Running alongside you, we work as an extension to your team. We kickstart you for success, then help you cross the finish line.



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Did you miss our last CAB Masterclass?

Find out how to schedule a private CAB Masterclass for your team.

Meet up

Bay Area Meet Up: Rethinking Content & Messaging Strategies

On August 6, Mike Gospe lead an interactive conversation about the changing “buyer’s journey,” content strategies, and messaging best practices in the COVID-19 era. Listen to the recording.

Why you need a Customer Advisory Board now!

Recorded webinar: Why you need a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) now!

It’s easy to talk with customers when times are good. It’s even more important to keep the communication going when times are uncertain.

May 2020: Honored to have been a guest of Mitchell Levy’s Thought Leader podcasts. Talking about Customer Advisory Board best practices.

Build Better Buyer Personas

This video offers a short, insightful journey through the history of modern marketing and why having a well-rounded buyer. persona, complete with demographics, psychographics, AND characteristics about their company  is so important. Then, check out our best-selling course on Personas hosted at Udemy.

Blog Highlights

Even Tiger Woods has a coach

Even Tiger Woods has a coach

There’s a good chance your CEO has a business coach. But what about you? Here are a few examples of how buisness coaches and mentors have helped VPs and the next generation of marketing, sales, and customer success leaders to unlock their full potential.

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Are your marketing messages REAL?

Are your marketing messages REAL?

On June 17, KickStart Alliance hosted a Coffee Chat on messaging best practices. Are your messages REAL? (relevant, empathetic, authentic, and legitimate)       Premise: I offered that a month into lockdown I was receiving tone-deaf messages from some of my...

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