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When it comes to executing your Advisory Board meetings, you can’t leave anything to chance. This is the one place and one time where you have your best customers, or your top tier partners, in the same room with your leadership team to discuss the future. 

Future-proof your business

Since 2002 KickStart has been helping tech companies of all sizes design and facilitate strategy-focused CXO discussions. We ensure these meetings capture value, identify new opportunities, create synergies with your best customers, and produce meaningful guidance that will help drive your business forward. That’s why CEOs and their teams trust us.

Whether you are initiating your first Customer or Partner advisory meeting, or you want to refresh your program, we’ll guide you to maximize your ROI and deliver a world-class experience. Let us show you how.

“With Mike’s leadership, we’ve enjoyed a new type of strategic conversation with our best customers. We could not have achieved this without his expertise in the preparation and delivery of our global CAB meetings.”

Jim Nekos

CEO , Edge Technology Group

  • Customer Advisory Boards
  • Partner Advisory Councils
  • Executive Roundtables
  • Leadership Planning Meetings
  • Marketing & Sales Summits
  • Facilitation & more


You’ve just landed a new customer. Congratulations! But, if you don’t properly onboard them, they could churn fast. There are low barriers to switching vendors. That’s why many customer renewals need to happen in the first 90 days! 

The secret to increasing customer lifetime value

We work with you to create customers for life. Let us show you how with orchestrated onboarding, prescriptive approaches and scalable customer enablement content. The result: improved customer satisfaction, renewals, and increased net retention. 

“Kickstart is passionate about making their customers successful. They excel at seeing the opportunities, building a clear and concise plan and working across teams to make it happen. They possesses a great combination of strategic and operational skills, which makes them a very valuable addition to any organization.”
Karl Van den Bergh

CMO, Gigamon

  • Customer Success Maturity Assessments
  • Customer Success Health Checks
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Orchestrated Onboarding Journeys
  • Go to Market Plans
  • Advisory Services & more


Understanding your customers is critical for ongoing financial and operational success, especially for businesses running as a service. In order to develop that knowledge, we interview your customers to uncover feedback, what makes them loyal, and if they are possibly at risk. Incorporating this and other measures of customer feedback into your business plan drives better decisions and actions.

In short, we gather customer insights and make them actionable for you.

“As our business grew, we needed to better understand where and why customers might be at risk of churning. KickStart uncovered those answers and provided us with actionable insights. They have become trusted members of my team.”

Matthew Scullion

CEO, Matillion

  • Customer interviews & feedback analysis
  • Streamlined sales processes
  • CRM optimization
  • Sales dashboarding
  • CRM coaching & more
Karyn Holl

Karyn Holl