March 8, 2022: Today, KickStart Alliance launched three new services that bring business-to-business (B2B) leadership teams closer to their best customers and partners. How effective is your Customer Advisory Board (CAB) or Partner Advisory Board (PAB) program? Are they delivering the tangible value you expect?  If you are not already leveraging the latest program best practices, you could be hurting your brand or missing new revenue streams. KickStart’s new services dramatically reduce the risk of a CAB or PAB crash.

“I believe whoever understands the customer best wins, whether you are selling direct or through the channel. We live in a fast-paced world where everything will eventually become commoditized. The only true remaining differentiator will be the relationship, based on trust and empathy, your executives have with your best customers and partners. This is where CABs and PABs deliver strategic value.”  – Mike Gospe, Advisory Board Strategist, co-founder of KickStart Alliance

Three new services, available now:

1) CAB “Health Check”: Tune up your CAB for greater success

The Customer Advisory Board (CAB) is a strategy-level program integrated with your annual planning process; it is not a sales meeting. This exclusive group of a dozen customer leaders meets occasionally with your executive staff to discuss the future – specifically how their businesses are changing and what you can do to help them be successful. CABs offer a unique form of market research that invites a CEO to share his/her vision and test the relevance of your current and future value propositions.

Designed for companies who are running their own CAB program, this service provides a 360-degree assessment so you can take your CAB to the next level of effectiveness with confidence. If you’ve been running your CAB for a while, you know how easy it is to fall into a rut. Global conditions have required CAB programs to evolve from the once-a-year in-person meetings to a more flexible approach.

It’s time for an upgrade

But do you know when and how to make changes? With KickStart’s 360-degree assessment, we’ll compare your CAB with hundreds of others and let you know how yours stacks up. Most importantly, we’ll show you what you need to do to improve. We’ll review your past engagements and offer a tailored action-oriented prescription that harnesses the newest CAB best practices.

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2) PAB “Health Check”: Energize your PAB to drive deals

A Partner Advisory Board (PAB) is a forum consisting of a dozen of your most important partners. This forum explores strategies that drive mutual growth and greater profitability. Like the CAB, these conversations are future-focused.

Is your PAB focused on business strategy, or is it used as a vehicle for partner training? If it’s the latter, you’re missing a huge opportunity. KickStart’s service is specifically designed for companies that rely heavily on the channel and have been facilitating their own Partner Advisory Board program. PAB programs should not be confused with operations, deal registration, or training events. World-class PAB programs are strategic, providing an opportunity for broad market research and true collaboration that accelerates sales.

How does your PAB stack up? KickStart will conduct a 360-degree assessment to find the answer. Our team of business leaders will interview your senior partners to understand their priorities and how the conversations they are having with their customers are changing. Answers to these questions will have a profound impact on your channel strategy. We’ll show you where your program is strong. And, we’ll provide a prescription on where improvements are needed.

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3) Customer Interview Program: Outpace your competitors

This new service is specifically designed for companies that either don’t have budget to support a full CAB program, or they believe their business is not yet ready to support a CAB. However, company leaders still want to hear the “voice of the customer” so they can leverage this insight and advice when tuning their company’s value proposition or prioritizing elements in their investment strategy.

Now’s the time to listen

The dramatic global events happening today are reshaping your customers’ priorities and how they operate. It is critically important to stay connected, or you risk falling behind your competitors. Our executives will interview your C-suite customers to understand their priorities and inquire how your company can help them succeed. These strategy-level interviews, normally conducted as part of our CAB program, are now available a la carte.

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Are your CAB and PAB program delivering peak performance?

CABs and PABs are strategic assets that require routine maintenance. This is more true now due to the dramatic changes in global events. KickStart Alliance has been a trusted resource for 20 years, having helped B2B companies design and facilitate more than 250 executive-level meetings around the world.

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