Hello marketing executives and Customer Advisory Board managers:

I’m collecting CAB best practices, challenges, and priorities for 2023, and I’d like to invite your wisdom. Please take part in this online survey. I’ll be sharing preliminary results with participants in November, and you’ll receive a copy of my 2023 CAB Report in December/January.

CAB have always been an important component of a company’s Voice-of-the-Customer program. They are a strategic asset that aligns with your annual strategic plan. More importantly, your CAB can provide even greater value and importance when times are tough. Like right now! Have you discovered how to harness the full potential of your CAB? Please share your best practices. Your individual responses will be kept confidential.

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With a specialty in CAB & Partner Advisory Board programs, Mike Gospe is a professional facilitator with 20+ years of advisory board experience. He’s helped some of today’s most innovative companies deliver more than 200 world-class meetings. He leads KickStart Alliance‘s Advisory Board practice.  Check out more of his best practices articles and videos on his CAB Resource Center.

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