2015 has arrived, and in some countries it’s around the corner. For example, in China, the Spring Festival, widely known as Chinese New Year in the West, begins on February 19.


Wherever we are, the New Year gives us an opportunity to reflect on past year’s achievements, reset our goals, and target our energy into new opportunities both personally and professionally.

Many of us in business use the start of the New Year to take stock of where you are and where you want to be. Whether you are an independent consultant, a partner in a small to medium size business, or a Sales Director or VP in a large enterprise, increasing your sales is no doubt foremost on your mind.

Here are 5 ideas to consider when kick starting your sales activity for the New Year:

  • Test your sales strategy. Dust off your current sales playbook. Is it working? Are your products or services well positioned in today’s and future markets? How does your sales approach differ? Does anything need to be changed from last year such as organization, routes to market, or even talent?
  • Leverage your Networks. When was the last time you reached out to your professional contacts “outside” your practice or company? In today’s ever changing environment, people move jobs, change careers, and location. Your past colleague you worked with 2 years ago may be your new sales prospect this year.
  • Get a Business Coach or Mentor. My partner and colleague just published a post on Business Coaching. With the rapid changing environment that business leaders are constantly faced with, business coaching can help you identify and highlight areas of improvement with an objective eye. https://www.kickstartall.com/find-business-coach/
  • Learn something new. Grow yourself and your experience. What are the current trends that can affect your success? Are there markets or technologies that seem foreign to you, but yet could be a catalyst for growth for your business? Take time to learn, be inquisitive, and ask questions.
  • Set Realistic Goals. If 2015 is not the start of your fiscal year, assess any sales gaps you have that will impede your ability to achieve the sales targets for that business year. Build a plan of action to address the issues while setting the right foundation for the remainder of the year. Don’t confuse “stretch goals” from your core sales goals. Stretch goals can backfire, and lead to team disengagement, burn-out and actions that don’t end up bringing value to the customer.

Above all, take time to celebrate your successes throughout the year. It’s a way of keeping your goals on track and rewarding your teams.

Happy New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai!