In 2007 I wrote the book Marketing Campaign Development in hopes that it would inspire a generation of marketers in the art and science of truly integrated marketing. 10 years later, the book continues to find an audience eager to apply these best practices.

First off, let me express my sincere thanks to you all, my gentle readers of my book and blog. I am humbled that you have found this material to be of value. In case you are wondering, here are a few stats you have contributed to. You are part of this global community:

  • 101k+ views on the blog
  • 28k+ unique visitors
  • Global presence with readers across US, UK, India, Germany, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, and more

A lot has changed since I wrote the book. Marketing automation tools and the marketing stack was in its infancy. Sophistication around marketing metrics was largely unexplored. Digital marketing as a strategy was just beginning. Social media was just “word of mouth”. These concepts are continuing to reshape the marketing landscape today. Yet, the core essence of a truly integrated marketing strategy, as well as human nature of company politics (i.e. the partnership between sales and marketing), has not changed. In fact, the methodology explored in the book continues to work just as well today as it did in 2007. Having recently finished a lengthy project as the interim VP of demand gen at a tech company, I can attest to this. This is what continues to make this book relevant today.

Having said that, I must acknowledge that the book has the wear of age on it. So, to you my readers, I ask this question:

Would you be interested inĀ Marketing Campaign Development 2.0 — an fresh new book on how to bring integrated marketing strategies to life?

I ask this question because there are many books available to marketers today. Would an updated book be considered noise in a crowded market place? Or would it scratch and unreachable itch? In other words, would it be worth reading, and more importantly, would you read it?

Contents for Marketing Campaign Development 2.0

No doubt, an updated book would have to be special. It would require new, fresh relevant content. To that end, I have several questions for you:

  1. Would you be willing to share your stories with me on how you’ve applied integrated marketing best practices?
  2. What new chapters or information would you recommend I include?
  3. How could I ensure that this book is relevant and useful to you and your teams?

I invite you to share your thoughts directly to this post, or to email or call me directly. As always, I am and always have been, honored and humbled to be of service to you.

Thank you for being part of my Marketing Campaign Development story.