January 14, 2019: KickStart Alliance today announced the first ever Customer Advisory Board Masterclass. This practical, action-oriented live online masterclass, taught by CAB pioneer Mike Gospe, helps marketers to improve their skills to deliver their best CAB experience. UPDATE: New course materials are now available for 2020! New dates have been added.

A new tool for CAB practitioners

“In this unique masterclass, you’ll find a more personal, engaging learning experience,” described Mike. “I’ve designed this live online masterclass around CAB practitioners so we can work your issues in real time. In other words, this is not a class about theory. It’s practical. It’s edgy. It’s relevant. We talk about your program, your questions, and how to improve your CAB to meet the rising expectations of your CXO CAB members.”

A practical application workshop

This Masterclass is about giving CAB practitioners action-oriented feedback and recommendations, whether they just concluded a CAB meeting, or they are planning their first or next one.

Each of the live online sessions has a theme: 1) Getting Started & Setting Proper Expectations; 2) Agenda and Content Prep; 3) Facilitation and Output Best Practices. Via some pre-work, students will help drive the specific agenda within each theme by completing a survey about their CAB goals, interests, and problem areas.

What you’ll learn

  • The 1 thing you must do to differentiate your CAB from your competitor’s CAB
  • The most important lesson to positioning your CAB for maximum success
  • 3 secrets for inviting CXO customers that you do not yet know
  • 5 rules for building the best agenda & content (and 3 traps to avoid)
  • 3 rules for expert facilitation (i.e. how to ask questions effectively and listen for the meaning behind their answers)
  • 3 ways to keep your CAB members engaged between meetings
  • and much more.

The CAB Masterclass is open for business

We invite you to check it out, or perhaps share this post with members of your team who may have an interest.

Mike GospeMike Gospe is a professional CAB facilitator for B2B companies, and he leads KickStart Alliance‘s CAB practice. Since 2002, he has architected and facilitated more than 100 successful CAB engagements. To learn more about his tools, “how to” books, and custom engagements, please visit his CAB Resource Center or contact Mike.