A CAB expert can help you get the most from your CAB program and every meeting. But you want more than just a facilitator.

KickStart Alliance CAB Checklist

KickStart Alliance’s CAB Checklist — a tool for helping you evaluate potential CAB vendors and facilitators.

You need a business strategist who can help you design and integrate a CAB program that connects with your annual planning process and your broader voice-of-the-customer/market engagement model.

However, not all CAB facilitators are alike. Ultimately, your decision on who to partner with should be based on which vendor’s methodology is most flexible and accommodating to fit your needs. More importantly, you want a partner who is not only a credible leader, but also has a personality and chemistry that fits your company culture.

To help you evaluate your options, I’ve created this CAB Checklist consisting of some key questions worth considering: Download the CAB Checklist – KickStart Alliance here.

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