What is digital marketing?

This begs the questionSlide1, what is not digital marketing today? Originally, when digital marketing was introduced, it was treated as a separate discipline. Digital Marketers sat on the other side of the room, far away from their advertising, PR, and “traditional” marketing colleagues. This may have made sense then, but it does not now! In this 2-part video I make the case that thinking of it as a separate, silo’d component of a larger marketing strategy is a mistake. Today, there should be no digital-marketing-vs-traditional-marketing approach. There should just be MARKETING, whereby all marketing has a digital component.

Slide27 critical factors

In these videos, I offer 7 critical factors to consider when setting your B2B integrated marketing strategy:

  1. Develop an integrated marketing strategy
  2. Effective websites
  3. Search marketing
  4. Content marketing
  5. Content syndication & sharing
  6. Lead nurturing
  7. Analytics & improvement

You can check out the videos in the graphics above or here: Part 1 and  Part 2.

What are your digital marketing best practices? Let us know.