Or maybe it’s six reasons mashed into three.  But there is no question that Sales is the best job on the planet … at least in my opinion!

I was hiking in Yosemite with a small energetic group.  I love to hike.  If hiking were a job it would qualify as one of the best jobs for the same reasons.


When I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, each camp and the summit were objectives met and conquered.  Not everyone made the summit but each goal attained was real and we owned it.  Sales is the same.  The goals of base-camp, mid-camp, high-camp, and summit are your month, quarter, and yearly targets.  Sometimes getting there isn’t easy or pretty but you know what success looks like.

Hiking alongside Sean at Yosemite, we got to talking about his new job in sales.  “Was it all about the goals?” he asked. At the outset of the year, your goals are clearly established.  Reaching your assigned objectives are an achievement that you own. So many other career fields lack this kind of clarity.  Achieving your sales goals is not subjective or a matter of opinion.

Sales achievements are celebrated. Objectives are important and also the path you take.  Strong values and good business ethics establish a firm foundation, leaving a clean trail behind and promising options ahead. This transparency of goals and responsibility really appealed to Sean.



“Does sales get boring?” asked Sean.  “Once you have figured out how to achieve your goals, you just keep doing the same thing over and over again.”

Kathy jumped all over that one, “Do you get bored with this hike?  You have probably done it a dozen times?”

“No.  The mountain is challenging.  It’s never boring; the seasons change, the weather changes, and the vistas are dramatic.”  After a few moments of silence, “Even who I am hiking with makes a difference. No, this is never a boring hike.”

“Sales is just the same.  It never gets boring.  Just as you think you have figured one thing out, the weather changes!” said Kathy.  It was great to have her join the discussion.

Sales is all about human interactions and reactions.  Humans are complex.  Understanding how your communication style works with your customer’s.  It never gets dull.  There is always more to learn!

It doesn’t stop there.  Humans work within organizations, each with their own dynamics and politics.  There are forces at work within your company and your customer’s company.  There are changes taking place within your industry sector and that of your customer.

It’s hard to laugh and hike at the same time. Kathy, Sean, and I were laughing about all the amazing human and organizational dynamics at play.  It is one of the truly entertaining and interesting aspects of sales.  Kathy feels her MBA really contributes to her sales success, but thinks that she is receiving an on-the-job minor in psychology and organizational development!



The freedom to roam.  To pause an enjoy an amazing vista.  To pick a more rugged or strenuous line.  To stop and rest on a rocky outcropping.  The freedom of sales is unique in the business world.  You choose how to structure your day, week, or month.  Who to contact. What to say. Where to go.  The freedom to be your own boss.

Balance is the combination of freedom and responsibility.  On that amazing hike to utilize your water, food, and daylight to your best advantage.  In sales to utilize your resources, business tools, and team to optimize results.

“Freedom and responsibility are like chalk and cheese.  They couldn’t be more different from one another,” said Kathy.

Sean saw a different side, “they are like yin and yang.”  Both are needed in balance.

Sales provides great independence in what, how, and when you do things.  There are also tools, processes, and best practices provided by the company you represent.  You have the freedom to apply your own style as you use those tools.  There is unmatched room for creativity and inventiveness.

Sales isn’t just about closing a deal or making your number.  It’s about creating value for your customer, your company, and yourself.  Sales is truly one of the best jobs on the planet!