Prepping for your upcoming Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meeting? Read these three articles to execute a world-class CAB meeting.

Tips to execute your best CAB meeting

1) Advice for creating content for your CAB meeting

The “less is more” rule applies here. CAB members don’t want to be lectured. Don’t hold them hostage as you present a parade of product updates. Engage them. This article introduces you to three tactical best practices when it comes to presenting content.

2) What does your Customer Advisory Board and the Great British Baking Show have in common?

The 10th season of the GBBS is now on Netflix. Perfect timing to brush up on baking best practices. The trap of “style over substance” applies to your CAB just as it does to premier baking. In short, don’t overemphasize the glitz of your CAB program (i.e. spouse programs, spa treatments, golf); content is more important that pizzazz. (In other words, your CAB has to deliver real value, not just look fabulous.)

3) 9 Characteristics of a Great CAB Facilitator

Whether your are partnering with a seasoned facilitator or you are running your own CAB, learn from these facilitator traits.

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With a specialty in CABs, Mike Gospe is a professional facilitator with more than 18 years of CAB experience. He’s helped some of today’s most innovative companies deliver more than 100 world-class CAB meetings. He leads KickStart Alliances CAB practice.